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Golden standard undertaking
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"Golden Venture" National Investment Affiliate Program

First, the guiding ideology

In order to "Life with goods, life flavored, Huafu polite" as Huafu tea ideas, entrepreneurship, general manager of high-Golden and concepts as a guide to Hua tea brand appeal and excellent product quality as a weapon, Anxi tea culture with profound as the carrier, step by step, steady development of quality of life for clients to bring payment for the franchisee to provide start-Collection.

Second, work objectives

Develop "Huafu Tea brand to join the National Handbook", and consciously safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of franchisees and the profit margins of the existing 30 franchise stores further development on the basis of 30 or more (total up to 60 above), the franchise from time to time , always reflects the wolfe tea philosophy, the staff always, always consciously maintaining wolfe tea brand image, the Anxi tea to form a strong cultural atmosphere, the product sales volume increased year by year, the promotion of the franchisor and franchisee-friendly win-win cooperation.

Third, planning time

April 2008 ~ April 2010.

4, the working arrangements (abbreviated)

5, support measures

An established brand across the country Hua tea marketing center
2 formulation of the "Hua Tea brand to join the National Manual"
3, marketing, capital investment
4, advertising media support
5, and tea and other school bodies
6, Whitford tea 15 anniversary of the initial fee-free.

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